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  Deep emotion-such expression! 

Enjoyed this book from cover to cover! BJ’s writing style pulls you into the story as if you 

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BJ Coleman loves to write and to read, she loves classic cars, rock and classical music and baseball (an Astro fan). She has 6 grandsons, 1 granddaughter and lives in a small community outside of Houston, Texas. She recently retired and is writing full time on her third book,                  as yet untitled.

She began writing poetry as a young woman. She had some articles and poetry published in a Christian magazine. At the age of 46, her children grown and being widowed for the second time she enrolled in a computer class and some writing classes, where she was encouraged by her instructors to write her memoirs, if only for her own pleasure. It seemed God had other plans for her writing. Through a series of events, her story evolved into a book, “How Long Does Mourning Last” she wanted to share with anyone who was dealing with grief in an extreme way: especially those affected by war.

Release of “A Time to Weep…” is scheduled for late October 2019.    

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Why do I write?


I write to create,.  My best writing comes out of a desire to create. Many times I’m unconscious of the words on the page even though it is there in front of me. If I begin to ponder my feelings or the words I wish to convey, too consciously, my writing fails. I usually say I must write as I must breathe and it's true, but the truth is I have a strong desire to create.

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